MC01,MC02 Instruction manual

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Food processor

Model: MC01,MC02

Rated voltage: 220~240V  50/60HZ

Rated power: 300/500W

Important safeguard

1. Before use, check that the voltage of your wall outlet correspond to the rated voltage manner.

2 .Please use the socket more than 6A, if use with other high power machine, will easy to make socket heat and catch fire.

3. Please don’t touch the plug or socket when your finger is wet

4. Please don’t use sharp machine scratch the machine

5. Please don’t use others accessory on the machine, in case any dangerous happen

6. The chopping blade is very sharp, please don’t touch the blade, if you need to disassemble the blade, please hold the cutter arbor

Be careful when take out the blade or wash the blade

This product is not allow to chop hard thing like: Bone, coffee bean, ice, frozen fruit

9. The chopper bow are not allow to put in firefighter or microwave oven Don’t put the food which is exceed this range. 0℃50℃

10. Before put the food in, please make sure the blade is on the right position and run smoothly,

If the blade can’t move or move slow, please unplug the machine and check again the blade


After put in food, please check if the blade is balance or not, if not, please adjust the food and

Make the blade in balance.

12. This product suggest to use no longer than 35second continuously. After 35 second continuously, have to rest for 2minute, as a cycle, after use 3cycle, please rest the machine for more than 15minutes.

13. After usage, please unplug the machine, please don’t move the product when it’s plug in

14. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged in any manner. Return appliance to the nearest authorized service facility for examination, repair or electrical or mechanical adjustment

15. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with or touch the appliance.

16. Always operate appliance on a flat surface.


Product introduction:


Speed buttonLower speed            Speed buttonHigh speed


          Main body



Chopper cover



Cover sealing ring



Chopping blade



Chopping bowl



Anti slip ring



Product feature:

1. High end design

2. “S” Type 4 blade design, better chopping performance than other

3. Two speed design, control the food size as you wish

4. Transparent glass bowl, easy clean and healthy

5. Detachable blade, easy clean

Warming noticeThe chopping blade is very sharp, for safety, we are not recommend


It apart, if you need to detachable it, please wear a glove, and pay attention when detachable.


Use guide


1. Before use the machine, please wash the glass bowl, cover, and blade.


2. Place the machine on a even and dry place


3. Please make sure the chopping blade was place middle of the glass bowl onto the axle


4. Please reference to the food guide, and place suitable quantity food into the bowl, and check if the blade is balance or not.  


5. After place food and check the blade position, cover it and place the machine on the cover and check if all are in right position.


6. Plug in socket


7. Hold the main body and press the speed button, the machine will start to work, release the machine will stop, please reference guiding for the chopping time or depends on personal favor


8. Please don’t take away the main body after release button, please wait after the blade is stop, and unplug the machine.


9. Make sure the machine is unplug, open the cover and take out the blade first, then take out the food












Place blade        Put the food in      Cover the bowl      Plug the machine


Warming notice


1. To extend the product usage life, please keep the machine continuously work less than 35seconds and use again after 2minutes


2. Do not place the liquid or food more than 50℃ on the bowl, in case dangerous happened







Chopping guide

To get a better performance and extend the machine usage life, please reference below table for operation.








200g-500gcut into 30x30x30mm

30 Second

Without bone and skin and tendon,use high speed pulse chop


200g-500gcut into 30x30x30mm

30 Second

Without bone and skin and tendon,use high speed pulse chop



100g-400gPeel skin

20 Second

Low speed, pulse chop


20g-200gcut into 50mm length

15 Second

High speed, pulse chop


100g-400gcut into 20x20x20mm

10-15 Second

High speed, pulse chop


50g-250gcut into 30x30x30mm

15 Second

High speed, pulse chop


250gpeel skincut into 30x30x30mm

25 Second

Low speed 5second,high speed 20second



5-10 Second

High speed, pulse chop



15 Second

High speed, pulse chop




30 Second

High speed, pulse chop


Notice: The quantity in the table is for reference, please don’t put more than Max level line











1. When first time usage, take out all packing and wash the chopping bowl and blade. Reference picture (1)


2. After usage, please unplug from the socket. Reference picture (1)


3. Chopping blade is detachable, but for safety, please ware glove before detachable, reference to picture (3)


4. Don’t immerse the machine in water


5. If the machine not use for long time, please clean it and pack into box, place in dry place 








Picture1               Picture2




                            Left hand hold the base


                            Right hand anti-clockwise twist the axle, and push upon



What to do if your appliance does not work?

Check :

- the connection

- that the bowl cover are properly locked on to the motor unit.

- That the lockers are locked properly.

Your appliance still does not work?

Contact a service center or manufacturer.





Correct Disposal of this product

This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this product for environmental safe recycling.


Class II appliance symbol


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